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Partners of the EB-CLINET network

To date, our fast growing network has 101 partners in 59 countries. It includes EB centres and individual EB experts in 23 EU member states, 9 countries outside the EU, and 27 countries outside Europe.

Current partners listed by country

Current partners listed by medical profession

EB-CLINET Partners worldwide
EB-CLINET Partners worldwide (October 2018)
Flags of all current EB-CLINET Partners
Flags of all current EB-CLINET Partners

What it means to be a partner

After having completed the EB-CLINET questionnaire, we consider you as our EB-CLINET partner. Like in every partnership there are requirements for both sides:

  • EB-CLINET serves as a platform to give and to share information, for networking, for guidance, for helping with any EB related questions and needs.
  • Partners should function as our central point of contact and should support EB-CLINET in case of medical or patient requests in the partners country. Partners are responsible for maintaining their data mentioned in the questionnaire correctly and update it once a year.

All data will be kept in confidence. No costs or fees arise for joining the network and for being a EB-CLINET partner.