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How to become a partner of EB-CLINET

To join the network, it is necessary to fill in the EB-CLINET General Questionnaire which is used to collect the data of the EB centres. 

With the General Questionnaire we'd like to evaluate the status of the EB centres regarding different treatment and diagnostic possibilities, main contact persons, research and training activities as well cooperation with national patient groups and further networks.

If you wish to be become partner of the initiative, you can obtain our online EB-CLINET General Questionnaire from Dr. Gabriela Pohla-Gubo and the EB-CLINET Team (office(at)

Benefits of joining the network:

Partners within the EB-CLINET community

• will receive the EB-CLINET NEWS
• can share information within the network
• will be supported in finding EB related contacts
• will receive details of EB training programmes
• will be informed about conferences, meetings or workshops
• will be updated concerning the EB-CLINET work streams (EB Register, Professional Training and Education, Clinical Practice Guidelines, Directory of Centres of Expertise, Laboratories and Biobanks).