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Doctors and nurses discussing while sitting around a table with documents in front of them

Welcome at EB Clinet

Our clinical network for Epidermolysis Bullosa aims to improve medical care for people living with EB and to accelerate the way to a cure through connecting health care professionals working with EB for the purpose of exchange of knowledge and experience.

About the initiative EB Clinet Partners

Our maps give an overview of the location of different services related with EB, including contact details and services provided.

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CPGs give recommendations for clinical care of EB patients, based on evidence gained from medical science and expert opinion.

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Community for nurses

Nursing Forum for EB Care

This forum supports nurses caring for people living with EB by providing an easily accessible platform for the exchange of questions, knowledge and experiences.

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To date, our network for health care professionals working in the field of EB already counts more than 125 partners in 65 countries worldwide. Do you want to become a partner of the EB Clinet initiative?

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