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Become a Partner

Are you a doctor or other health care provider? Do you work with EB patients? Then come and join EB Clinet.

It is necessary to fill in the EB Clinet General Questionnaire (GQ) to join the network. The GQ is used to evaluate the status of the EB institution regarding different treatment and diagnostic possibilities and main contact persons. This information helps us to depict the clinical contacts on our interactive maps.
We see our partners as our central point of contact who we refer to in case of medical or patient requests in the partner's country. Partners are responsible for maintaining their data in the GQ correctly and update the GQ once a year.

How to join:

To become an EB Clinet partner, please contact us via We will then send you a link to your personalized General Questionnaire, which you can change or update any time.

E-Mail to:

Benefits of joining the network:

Partners within the EB Clinet community

  • will receive the EB Clinet NEWS
  • can share information within the network
  • will be supported in finding EB related contacts
  • will receive details of EB training programmes
  • will be informed about conferences, meetings or workshops
  • will be displayed on our website (Partner map/Partners A-Z)
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