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Our aims

The key objectives of the initiative EB-CLINET are to improve medical care for people with EB by encouraging the collaboration between health care professionals working with EB and to accelerate the way to a cure for this disease by supporting the exchange of knowledge and the latest developments in EB research and EB care.

Our aims are:


  • to provide Information about trainings, meetings and EB-related events, on recent developments regarding treatments and research and updates on clinical trials, or calls for recruitment of collaborators. Sign up to our newsletter!

Collaboration & Connection

  • to strengthen the collaboration between health care professionals and institutions worldwide already providing specialized medical care for people with EB.
  • to find contacts for medical care in the field of EB in and outside Europe presently lacking any such service - include these clinical contacts in the network and build up EB relevant knowledge there.
  • to set up an online database of EB centres accessible to medical specialists as well as patients. See the partner map

International cooperation is a vital prerequisite for the exchange of knowledge and experiences in order to provide comprehensive coverage of medical care for EB patients all over the world.



  • to train and instruct medical specialists so that they can act as EB specialists in their national EB centres. See events & trainings

Awareness/Role Model

  • to increase awareness and knowledge about EB and rare diseases
  • to establish a role model for other rare diseases on how a network could be build and operated to share experiences and improve the quality of life of patients

„With EB-CLINET we wish to provide a platform for connection, communication and collaboration.”

Dr. Sophie Kitzmueller, Head of EB-CLINET
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