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Group of nurses and doctors

Nursing Forum for EB Care

This forum is intended to support nurses caring for people living with EB by providing an easily accessible platform for the exchange of questions, knowledge and experiences between professionals working in the field of EB care.

José Duipmans (Advanced Nurse Practitioner, Center for Blistering Diseases, The Netherlands) and Sharon Cassidy (Clinical Nurse Specialist (EB), DEBRA NZ) initiated this online Nursing email group.


How it works

The Nursing Forum for EB Care is set up as an email distribution list. Everyone joining the forum will be added to the distribution list associated with the forums email address and will automatically receive all emails directed to this email address.

If you have a question or information for the community, please address it to the email address
All emails sent to this address will be automatically redirected to the distribution list of the Nursing Forum for EB Care and can be answered by the participants of the email group.


How to join

If you would like to join the distribution list, please fill in the consent form below and send it to EB-CLINET:

The nurses forum is supported by EB-CLINET.

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