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EB-CLINET Online Seminar

The EB-CLINET Online Seminars are web-based informative events for health care professionals working in the field of Epidermolysis Bullosa, covering different topics from different medical specialities.

Here you will find information about seminars that have already taken place or will be held in the near future. The seminars are free of charge and will be streamed live via youtube. If possible a recording of the seminar will be provided afterwards.


COMING SOON - This seminar will give an overview about psychological developmental steps and discuss problems that could occur in these phases due to EB (covering all EB subtypes).

More Information

A seminar held by Dr Susanne Krämer, giving an introduction on the new guideline and discussing about ‘microstomia and mouth opening strategies’ as well as ‘strategies to manage mouth ulcers’.

Details & recording
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