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Our Network

EB Clinet is a clinical network for Epidermolysis Bullosa. It aims to improve medical care for people living with EB and to accelerate finding a cure through connecting health care professionals working with EB for the purpose of exchange of knowledge and experience.

A rare disease like EB requires the pooling of expertise and experience. Therefore, EB Clinet is intended to serve as a platform to give and to share information, for networking, for guidance, and for helping with any EB related questions and needs.

Find out what are the key objectives of the initiative EB Clinet and which resources we use to achieve these objectives.

Our aims in detail

An overview of the location of different services related to EB all over the world including contact details and services provided.

View the map

Find a list of all current EB Clinet Contacts, sortable by the medical profession or by country.

Find contact data

If you are a healthcare professional working with EB patients, you are welcome to join the EB Clinet network!

How to join EB Clinet

We are the ones trying to connect health care professionals working with EB - get to know the people behind EB Clinet.

EB Clinet Team
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