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Itch & Pain in EB

Pain and itching, common concomitants of EB, massively impair the patient’s quality of life. Individual therapy is a particular challenge for medical and nursing staff worldwide. An all-encompassing, unambiguous medical approach to solve the problem is not available.

The speakers Dr Tobias Welponer, Dermatologist, EB House Austria, AT (Itch) and Dr Agnes Schwieger Briel, Paediatric Dermatologist, University Children's Hospital Zurich, CH (Pain) give an overview about the pathophysiology of itch and of pain. Together with the guest speakers, Dr Manuel P. Pereira (Dermatologist, Charité Berlin) and Dr Nicholas Schräder, they discuss selected clinical cases and highlight different treatment options.

Duration: 121 minutes

The seminar was free of charge and streamed live via YouTube.

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