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EB Clinet Online Seminar: Itch & Pain in EB

In early 2023 the next EB Clinet Online Seminar on the topic of ‘Itch & Pain in EB’ will take place.

Pain and itching, common concomitants of EB, massively impair the patient’s quality of life. Individual therapy is a particular challenge for medical and nursing staff worldwide. An all-encompassing, unambiguous medical approach to solve the problem is not available.

Based on discussions and consensus from a transnational german-speaking symposium on itch and pain organized by EB Clinet in May 2022, the speakers will give an overview of these topics in relation to EB.
Together with two well-versed guest speakers in these respective fields, selected clinical cases will be discussed. This way treatment options from the perspective of EB specialists, as well as from the external specialists in the field of itching and pain are highlighted.

Dr Tobias Welponer Fries (Dermatologist at the EB House Austria)
Dr Agnes Schwieger-Briel (Paediatric Dermatologist at the University Children's Hospital Zurich)

Guest speakers:
Dr Manuel Pedro Pereira (Competence Center Chronic Pruritus, Muenster)
Assoc-Prof. Dr Michael A. Überall (German Pain Association, German Pain League)

Date: Postponed to early 2023, new date will be announced soon

Duration: 90 minutes



Every participant will receive a link to attend the live online seminarin the week before the seminar takes place. The seminar will be streamed live via youtube, thus you don’t need to download any tool for participation.

Please note: If you want to ask questions to the speaker, please make sure to register a profile on youtube. Questions will be possible using the chat function.
The online seminar will be free of charge. It is tailored to an audience of health care professionals working with EB.

Please forward the information to your colleagues who might be interested to join.

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