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Diagnosis and Care of the Newborn with EB

Although EB is a very rare disease, the knowledge and information about the disease has increased significantly over the last years. Recent updates in the classification of EB have been published, preferred diagnostic methods and clinical care practices are also evolving.

In this EB Clinet Online Seminar, based on the publication ‘Diagnosis and Care of the Newborn with Epidermolysis Bullosa’, lead author Anne W. Lucky, MD; provides a comprehensive overview on current standards in diagnosis and treatment recommendations for EB. The seminar is completed by a pre-recorded demonstration of EB skin care where two expereinced nurses give a detailed, step-by-step introduction into bandaging a newborn’s foot and hand, and show well tolerated materials that can be used. To close the seminar, all authors of the publication gather to answer questions from the audience.

Duration: 128 minutes

The seminar was free of charge.

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