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Epidermolysis Bullosa Clinical Diagnostic Matrix

A team of EB experts from India, Abu Dhabi and the UK has developed a diagnostic system. This system should help in improving clinical diagnostic accuracy, particularly in resource-poor settings.

The British Journal of Dermatology published this novel EB diagnostic system in in December 2016.

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An accurate diagnosis is essential for managing and counselling patients with EB. The latest EB classification lists more than 30 subtypes and high levels of clinical and laboratory expertise are required to differentiate them. Unfortunately, such facilities are inaccessible to many.
A simple electronic version of the diagnostic system, available as supplementary material to the scientific publication, automatically computes the most likely diagnosis. It incorporates illustrations to help practitioners recognize relevant clinical features.

The BJD editor and publishers, recognising the relevance of this to the EB community, have kindly released the electronic tool to DEBRA to make it more readily accessible to EB professionals.

Download the Diagnostic Matrix (xls, 42,4 KB)

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„We know this tool is not perfect, but we hope it will be a useful guide for non-expert dermatologists. We will be pleased for others to use it, translate it and adapt it to their needs.”

Professor Celia Moss, Co-author of the publication
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